- WEDNESDAY, Oct. 15, 2014 -
Haxtun TC changes age limit on golf cart riders The age limit for passengers riding in golf carts in Haxtun’s city limits changed Monday night. The Town Council revisited the age limit for passengers and took action to change regulations following a request from citizens in August.
Statement released last week by HHD’s Board of DirectorsTo assist the public in understanding the reasoning behind a recent decision by the Haxtun Hospital District to reach a resolution to a lawsuit filed by former HHD Chief Executive Officer Don Burris and his corporation, Vox Intus, HHD’s Board of Directors released the following statement along with a list of points regarding the settlement. The statement was released last week and unintentionally not included in last week’s coverage of the lawsuit.
“Trend down” reported to HHD’s Board During his financial report to the Haxtun Hospital District Board of Directors on Oct. 6, Interim CEO Larry Schrage noted that the balance sheet indicates that the District’s account receivables were beginning to “trend down” since implementation of a new action plan. At the Board’s Sept. 8 meeting, Schrage warned members that the margins in account receivables would become worse if management did nothing to change collection practices.

Fire Prevention

LORA POLIS, a Kindergartner, suits up in a fireman’s coat with help from Sam Wolver on Friday morning at Fleming Schools during a presentation by Fleming Fire Department. Several firemen talked to students about fire safety, evacuation routes, meeting places and explained how to make themselves known in case of a fire. The fire department also gave students goodie bags and fire hats, all in part of fire prevention month.

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