- WEDNESDAY, August 24, 2016 -
Haxtun BOE makes last minute staff approvals The Haxtun Board of Education made last minute staff approvals during a meeting on Aug. 16. High school students returned to class on Friday, Aug. 19 and elementary and junior high students started school on Monday, Aug. 22.

Haxtun team takes second place in fitness challenge The Melissa Memorial Hospital Foundation recently hosted the 12th annual amateur triathlon and eight-week fitness challenge. Team Haxtun took second place honors in the most miles division with a total of 3,992 miles. Winners from the eight-week fitness challenge are as follows:


Diabetes webinar scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 31 The diabetes webinar scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 31 from noon–1 p.m. will focus on a part of our body we may not typically regard as having a significant impact on our health — our mind. Being mindful, or the term mindfulness, refers to the psychological process of active, open attention on the internal and external experiences that are presently happening. Being mindful helps us live in the moment, and large population-based studies have documented the physical and mental health benefits and strong correlation with well-being.


Athletes earn honors from spring sports


HAXTUN ATHLETES were honored over the summer with most valubable player awards for their efforts on spring sport teams last season. Caleb Andersen, far left, was honored as the Bulldog baseball MVP while Callie Dickerson, middle, was named girls’ track MVP and Ryan Schaefer, far right, earned boys’ track MVP.

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