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Times Past

85 years ago - Oct. 30, 1935

13 years ago

Oct. 30, 1935

At the monthly meeting of the Fairfield Ladies Aid held last Thursday, the history of the organization was given. Although the church was organized in 1888, the Ladies Aid did not come into existence until 1903. Charter members were Mrs. Ida Berg, Miss Agnes Berg, Mrs. Christine Bentson, Miss Hilma Bentson, Mrs. John Bjorklun, Mrs. August Bjorklun, Mrs. Chas. Bjorklun, Miss Esther Bjorklun, Mrs. Ellen Holmquist, Mrs. Jennie Holmquist, Mrs. Chas. Johnson, Miss Sophie Johnson, Mrs. Charlotte Noreen, Mrs. Hannah Paulson, Mrs. P.A. Peterson, and Mis Lillie Peterson.

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