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85 years ago - Aug. 7, 1935

13 years ago

Aug. 7, 1935

The Haxtun Harvest

The following young people enjoyed a swimming party at the Jumbo Reservoir Sunday evening: Goldye Blake, Portia Lubchenco, Helen Clark, Evangeline Mooney, Maxine Gale, Charlotte Bellamy, Wesley McCune, Joe Intermill, Bill Krueger, Ben Birrell, Bud Donaldson, and Junior Radford.

A baby son was born Saturday to Mr. and Mrs. Earl Marlatt. Mother and baby are at the Mooney Hospital.

The fire department was called to the W. E. Meakins' home in north Haxtun Tuesday afternoon to extinguish a small blaze in a garage. The fire had been started by a number of...


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