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Times Past - 85 Years Ago June 3, 1936

13 Years Ago

June 3, 1936

North Rockland News - Quite a few from this community attended the circus in Sterling Saturday.

Dailey News - Mrs. Pearl McIntyre, Arline, and June Aleda and Elmer Schroeder were Sterling shoppers on Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. H.B. Prouty and son Floyd vistited with friends in Sterling Memorial Day.

Haxtun markets: wheat, 70 cents; corn, 57 cents; hens, heavy, 14 cents; springs, colored, 15 cents; springs, Leghorn, 12 cents; eggs, 15 cents; cream, 24 cents; butterfat, in milk, 28 cents.

Withdrawal of two buses and a slight change in train schedule were announced by the Bur...


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