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Times Past

85 Years Ago July 1 , 1936

13 Years Ago

July 1 , 1936

Death: G.R. Mock, 76, a resident of this community for over 30 years, passed away Monday, June 29, 1936.

The herd of Guernseys owned by A.D. Bahler of Holyoke was high in the Northeastern Colorado Cow Testing Association last month with 741 pounds of milk and 36.5 pounds of butterfat per cow. The high cow is owned by E.L. Ramsay of Haxtun, a Holstein which produced 1,057 pounds of milk containing 53.9 pounds of butterfat for the month.

A shipment of fat hogs marketed by Everett and Ellsworth Gibbs of Haxtun brought the top price of $10.50 per hundredweight on the Den...


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