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Birds raised for showing at local county fair



Meat Production, Broilers/Fryers – Pullet: Carsyn Schlachter, 1; Rhettly Schlachter, 2.

Meat Production, Broilers/Fryers – Cockerel: Sarah Emmalee Rueter, 1.

Dual Purpose, Cock: Sarah Emmalee Rueter, 1, Best in Show.

Dual Purpose, Hen: Sarah Emmalee Rueter, 2; Rhettly Schlachter, 1.

Dual Purpose, Cockerel: Sarah Emmalee Rueter, 1.

Dual Purpose, Pullet: Brayger Bieber, 2; Carsyn Schlachter, 3; Sarah Emmalee Rueter, 1; Austynn Schlachter, 4; Rhettly Schlachter, 5.

Egg Production, Hen: Carsyn Schlachter, 1.

Egg Production, Pullet: Carsyn Schlachter, 4; Rhettly Schlachter,...

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