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September 1, 2021

There are people other than our family that we are blessed to have in our life. They are role models, mentors and people always willing to help anyone that needs assistance. And then there are people that take that relationship to a higher level. Brian Allmer was one of those incredible people that will continue to influence my life.

Maybe we were incredible friends because we both were driven to be advocates and spokespeople for agriculture. We enjoyed feeding off of each other but Brian was the person that could teach and then share all the while making sure the person he was working with got the credit. His work as a journalist and an advocate for agriculture was the best in the business.

We all remember ag icon Evan Slack and his “higher, higher, higher” agriculture market reports. Brian Allmer was the Evan Slack of the 21st century and did it is such a way that people would access his news using a number of different medias.

When the Brian Allmer Radio Network would come on one of his many stations, I would always turn it up and listen. And more importantly, unlike our major media outlets that only present one side, Brian did interviews and posted news on his website from people that he blatantly disagreed with.

When people wanted to reach those in agriculture and in rural Colorado, they sought out Brian.

Maybe we were good friends because I admired him so much because he set the premier standard of public service and helping the youth. It was always a pleasure to catch up with him as he announced the State Fair or the National Western Stock Show. It was even more of a pleasure when I would catch up with him as he would live stream events like the FFA Ag Hall of Fame inductions or smaller agriculture events which gave others an opportunity to participate.

I missed his wonderful voice just last week when for the first year I can remember, he didn’t announce the Feeders and Friends ranch rodeo and fundraiser in New Raymer.

Brian was ahead of his time as I remember years ago when he was one of the first to live stream high school athletic events and he did it because he knew “there were people that wanted to be there but couldn’t.”

His dedication and support of youth in both 4-H and FFA as well as student leadership organizations was never in question as he would drive for hours just to be helpful.

Or maybe we were friends because I saw his commitment to both God and his family. How he balanced everything he did for agriculture and yet he and his wife raised an incredible couple of young adults. God was always a priority and I enjoyed seeing his social media posts with a daily devotion. And his love for his wife was always obvious. His last text to me from the Intensive Care Unit asked me to “Please tell her I love her and I am fighting as best I can.”

Probably the reason we were friends was because he was the shining example of integrity, leadership, love and humbleness. I want to be like him someday.

Rest in peace my friend and let me know how the markets are doing in heaven.


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