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Haxtun preschoolers anticipate visit from jolly Saint Nick

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I would like a barbie car and some new barbies and Peppa pig. Thank you Santa.

Love, Lorelai Jansen, 3

Dear Santa,

I want an orange hat, a yellow hat for my sister and some toys. Santa have you put your tree up? Merry Christmas!

Love, Lucielle Harms, 3

Dear Santa,

I would like a green fishing pole, a playhouse for me and my brothers, a new tambourine because mine is broke. Can you bring presents for my mom, dad and Grandpa, too. Merry Christmas.

From Keith Lowe, 4

Dear Santa,

I want a computer to play Apex on, an xbox and headphones, a black toy racecar I can push aro...


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