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Track competes in two meets last week


(Herald photo by Candie Fix)

HAXTUN LADY Bulldog Allie Thompson soars into the triple jump pit at the Haxtun Relays.

With just a week's worth of time left to qualify for the Colorado State Track meet, Haxtun track team members are running faster, jumping further and throwing harder to earn their spot in the lineup. State Track is set for the end of next week at Jeff. Co Stadium.

Over the past week, the Bulldogs competed at the Highland Twilight Invitational in Ault and the LPAA/YWKC League Meet in Holyoke. Top-10 results from those two meets are below:

Highland Twilight Invitational


400-meter dash: Aliyah Engle, sixth, 1:10.67.

800-meter run: Emily Anderson, eighth, 3:11.57.

100-meter hurdles: Jayleigh Bullard, 10th, 21.05.

300-meter hurdles: Taylor Schram, third, 51.86; Bullard, 10th, 58.53.

Four-by-100 meter relay team: seventh, 1:01.20.

Four-by-200 meter relay team: fourth, 2:01.46.

800-meter sprint medley relay team: fourth, 2:15.19.

Four-by-800 meter relay team: second, 11:38.87.

High jump: Bullard, 10th, four feet, three inches.

Long jump: Bobbi Starkebaum, seventh, 13 feet, 6.5 inches; Bullard, 10th, 12 feet, 9.5 inches.

Triple jump: Allie Thompson, third, 32 feet, one inch.

Discus: Cassidy Goddard, third, 104 feet, seven inches; Zoe Kurtzer, eighth, 72 feet, three inches.

Shot put: Goddard, fourth, 31 feet, five inches.

The Lady Bulldogs earned a total of 50 points and a fifth place finish.


800-meter run: Joshua Wright, third, 2:15.41.

Discus: Osman Coss, second, 109 feet; Mick Scholten, fourth, 104 feet, six inches.

Shot put: Coss, sixth, 36 feet, six inches.

The Bulldogs finished in seventh place with 23 points.

LPAA/YWKC League Meet


100-meter dash: Goddard, ninth, 14.75.

200-meter dash: Starkebaum, sixth, 31.18; Fallon Bamford, 10th, 33.52.

400-meter dash: Engle, 10th, 1:09.96.

1,600-meter run: Anderson, 7:07.87.

100-meter hurdles: Ella Coffin, second, 18.36; Halli Philp, ninth, 20,94.

300-meter hurdles: Schram, second, 51.66; Bullard, sixth, 58.06; Heily Avery, ninth, 1:00.82.

Four-by-100 meter relay team: sixth, 55.79.

Four-by-200 meter relay team: fifth, 1:58.58.

800-meter sprint medley relay team: third, 2:03.16.

Four-by-400 meter relay team: third, 5:02.87.

High jump: Starkebaum, second, four feet, 10 inches.

Long jump: Thompson, third, 15 feet, one inches; Bullard, eighth, 13 feet, 7.5 inches; Starkebaum, 10th, 13 feet, three inches.

Discus: Goddard, second, 115 feet, eight inches.

Shot put: Goddard, fifth, 33 feet, 1.5 inches.


100-meter dash: Kyle Fryrear, second, 11.80; Owen Knode, sixth, 12.04.

200-meter dash: Fryrear, first, 23.75; Knode, fourth, 24.73; Michael Gerk, seventh, 25.35; Ryland Wolff, 10th, 26.52.

400-meter dash: Wright, second, 54.25.

800-meter run: David Avery, fourth, 2:19.77; Scott Engle, 2:35.29.

Four-by-100 meter relay team: first, 45.55.

Four-by-200 meter relay team: first, 1:34.70.

Four-by-400 meter relay team: third, 3:55.03.

Four-by-800 meter relay team: second, 9:35.26.

Long jump: Grant Statz, 10th, 17 feet, 5.75 inches.

Discus: Scholten, 105 feet, 10 inches.

Shot put: Coss, ninth, 37 feet, eight inches.


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