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Flower show entrants earn recognition


September 28, 2022

The Violet Mae Anderson Memorial Flower Show is a continued hit as many entered flowers and arrangements into the 101st annual Corn Festival event. Results are as follows:


Dahlia: Linda Heater, first; Linda Heater, second; Betty Uber, third.

Mum: Kathy Wernsman, first.

Zinnia: Betty Uber, first; Roxanne Martinez, second.

Roadside: Colleen Weaver, first.

Petunia: Colleen Weaver, first.

Choice: Teri Gilbertson, first; Colleen Weaver, second; Colleen Weaver, third.

Rose: ChristiAnne Gibson, first; Kathy Wernsman, second; Linda Heater, third.

Festival Theme: Julia Liufau, first; Colleen Weaver, second.

Gladiolus: Teri Gilbertson, first; Teri Gilbertson, second.

Mixed Roxanne Martinez, first; Teri Gilbertson, second; Linda Heater, third.

Marigold: Adrienne Maxey, first; Betty Uber, second.

Judge’s Choice, Best of Show: Linda Heater, Dahlia.


Mum: Leah Edwards, first.

Zinnia: Clara Dennis, first; Brooks Dennis, second; Audrey Dennis, third.

Rose: Amber Edwards, first; Leah Edwards, second.

Mixed: Amber Edwards, first; Amber Edwards, second; Amber Edwards, third.


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