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Local growers earn honors in 102nd annual Crop and Garden Show

The Crop and Garden Show at the 102nd annual Haxtun Corn Festival drew crops and fruits of all colors, shapes and sizes. Results from the show are below:

Green Beans: Roxanne Martinez, first; Teri Gilbertson, second; Sadie Holcomb, third.

Beets: Teri Gilbertson, first.

Carrots: Adrienne Maxey, first; Teri Gilbertson, second; Colleen Weaver, third.

Cucumbers: Gay McDaniel, first; Teri Gilbertson, second.

Eggplant: Michael Bradley, first.

Garlic: Roxanne Martinez, first.

Basil: Gay McDaniel, first; Teri Gilbertson, second; Teri Gilbertson, third.

Chives: Teri Gilbertson, first; Teri Gilbertson,...


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