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Mrs. Philp's kindergarteners provide favorite Thanksgiving recipes

Haxtun kindergarteners in Mrs. Christie Philp's class share their favorite Thanksgiving recipes:

Cayson Bellendir, Pumpkin Pie

You will need: 100 pumpkins and applesauce. Smash up the pumpkins and the applesauce. Put all of that in a pie crust. Bake in the fireplace for 100 minutes. After the pie is baked, put cherries on top. Then you can eat it.

Carsen Kelley, Turkey Pie

You will need: pudding (sweet), turkey, candy and pie crust. First you make a pie crust. Then you put all of the ingredients in a bowl and mix it up. Pour the mix into a pie pan. Bake it in the oven for one hour. Eat Turkey...


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