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    Jerry Sonnenberg, Colorado Sentator|Jan 26, 2022

    Governor Ricketts is an elected official who I have always thought does a good job — especially for agriculture — and someone that I tend to support. With that said, he blew it earlier this month when he made some bold and inaccurate statements regarding Colorado’s water. The fact is, Colorado is in compliance with our South Platte Interstate Compact. Our compact says that we must deliver 120 cubic feet per second to Nebraska between April 1 and Oct. 15. We do that and we do our best to not send them more than is required because of our needs...

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    Jerry Sonnenberg|Sep 1, 2021

    There are people other than our family that we are blessed to have in our life. They are role models, mentors and people always willing to help anyone that needs assistance. And then there are people that take that relationship to a higher level. Brian Allmer was one of those incredible people that will continue to influence my life. Maybe we were incredible friends because we both were driven to be advocates and spokespeople for agriculture. We enjoyed feeding off of each other but Brian was the person that could teach and then share all the...

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    Jerry Sonnenberg|Feb 10, 2021

    I had the opportunity to partake in one of my favorite hometown activities this week: supporting local high school student athletes. Well, sort of. The few parents who were selected to actually attend the event thoughtfully videoed the events live for the rest of us to watch — thank you, parents. I also tried to learn a little more about the reasoning for the current dictates placed on high school sports. Rules that allow only two spectators per participant, which means that a family must choose between a parent and a sibling being present t...

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    Jerry Sonnenberg|Dec 16, 2020

    We are very fortunate in rural Colorado to have young people who have been raised to use common sense, to be honest, and to tell it like it is. Two of our high school students in NE Colorado made the news with their pleas for some normalcy. They addressed the Governor and Colorado High School Activities Association and both shared concerns about the mental health of Colorado youth and how the governor seems to have missed the message that our young people deserve some sense of stability in these trying times. According to a Denver news station,...

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    Jerry Sonnenberg, Colorado Senate District 1|Nov 25, 2020

    My Sunday morning was a picture-perfect day on the Colorado Plains: warm sun, hot coffee and my beautiful wife, Vonnie. Imagine my concern when the shocking tones of an emergency alert lit up my phone and shattered the peaceful morning. What could be so urgent, that my government had to send out these warnings to individual cell phones and interrupt morning routines like mine all across Colorado? A medical alert: this region is at severe risk from deadly COVID. Really?! I had no idea. The past nine months of watching friends and loved ones get...

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