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Pace meets plane for much-needed masks

HAXTUN HOSPITAL District Chief Executive Officer Dewane Pace, center, and Wray Hospital CEO John Hart met a single engine Piper airplane at the airport in Holyoke on Saturday, April 4 to receive a much-needed delivery of mask kits for their teams. With help from the Colorado Hospital Association, the Eastern Plains Healthcare Consortium and Angel Flights West, several hundred mask kits were delivered.

The kits contain the pre-cut fabric, patterns and attachment straps for making alternative/reusable cloth masks made of two layers of tightly woven, breathable cotton fabric. When completed the masks provide a physical barrier that may protect the wearer against visible splash or spray of fluids or droplets.

"We are glad to have another protective option for our teams and grateful to pilot Erik who flew these out here to us," Pace said. "He did a great job of landing on a cold and windy day and really just wanted to make a difference - and he did. A great example of how we are all pulling together to get through this challenging time."

Seamstresses will now work on getting the masks sewn together and then they will be made available for healthcare workers.


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