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By Deeona Johnston
CSU Extension Agent 

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Safety during fair


Safety during fair

It's almost fair time! Although this year has been unpredictable and frustrating, we in Phillips County are fortunate that we get to participate in county fair! This is the event everyone has been looking forward to ever since the stay-at-home orders started in March. Safety is extremely important during a fair. There are activities, animals, food and other opportunities that can lead to an emergency. Although you can't prepare for everything, following these safety tips can reduce the risk of an emergency and allow you to continue having fun at county fair.

General safety tips

• Dress appropriately. Flip flops and other open-toed shoes are not the best option for fairs. There are many livestock present at fair and sometimes they leave messes behind them. It's not fun to step in a cow patty with flip flops.

• Have a "just in case" plan. Fairs can attract large crowds and it's possible that you might be separated from your group. Create a plan for this possibility. Choose a place that everyone should meet just in case you are separated.

Safety for livestock

• Ask. If you have a question, ask. Always ask before petting an animal. Some animals are more accustomed to people, kids, strollers and strangers. If the owner doesn't want you to pet their animal, there is probably a good reason why they said no.

• Wash your hands. After petting animals, you should wash your hands.

• Be aware of the animal and your surroundings. Never approach an animal from behind. Some are well trained, but you are a stranger coming up behind them. They may decide to kick to protect themselves. Also, don't put your fingers or hands near or in the animal's mouth. They could bite!

Food safety

• Check to make sure your food is cooked completely. It should still be hot when you receive it.

• Use pre-packaged condiments.

• Try not to let your food sit for too long. Uneaten food should be thrown away after two hours.

• Don't forget to wash your hands before eating.

Health concerns

• Stay hydrated. Since many fair activities are outside in the heat and you're walking more than normal, it is important to stay well hydrated. Soft drinks don't replenish liquids as well as water. Also, if you realize you're sweating a lot during the day, slowly drink a sports drink.

• Try not to overeat.

• This year we need to be respectful of each other's space. Try to stay six feet apart from other people.

Carnival safety

• Obey signs and instructions. Check age, weight, height or health restrictions and follow them. They are in place for a reason. Also, listen to the ride operator. They often explain the proper way to ride.

• Watch your feet. Close-toed shoes should be worn to a carnival. There's a chance of losing a shoe during a ride, but there are also lots of possibilities of stubbing toes or being stepped on by other people or animals.

• Ride correctly. Watch how the ride is loaded and unloaded. Remind your child to sit correctly by facing forward, keeping both hands on the safety bars and keeping hands and feet in the ride at all times.


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