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Haxtun youngsters give instructions for cooking Thanksgiving favorites


November 23, 2022

In the spirit of Thanksgiving week, students in Mrs. Christie Philp’s kindergarten class in Haxtun shared their favorite recipes for the holiday.

Bolton Price —

Thanksgiving turkey

Cook it. Eat it.

Tayla McConnell —

mashed potatoes

Mash up some potatoes. Then make some gravy. Put the gravy on the mashed potatoes. Eat them up.

Waylyn Harris — pumpkin pie

Use pumpkins. Frosting. Mix up the batter. Put the batter in the oven and bake it for 45 minutes. Then eat it all with family and friends.

AJ Crossland — turkey

My Dad shoots the turkey. Then you need to cook it for three minutes; then for four minutes if it is not done. When it is done, I eat the wing.

Sonia Contreras —

chicken nuggets

Buy the chicken nuggets at the store. Open the bag. Put some chicken nuggets in the air fryer. Cook them for three to four minutes. Then eat them.

Bentlee Fuller — green beans

Put the beans and some butter in a pan. Cook them for 20 minutes. Then go to the table and eat the green beans with the turkey.

Jude Klimek — chicken nuggets

Bake the chicken nuggets for 20 minutes. Dip them in sauce and eat them.

Colton Michael — turkey

Cook the turkey in the oven for one hour. Cook apples for the turkey, never forget about the apples. Right before it is done, add some vanilla. Dad needs to cut up the turkey. Eat the turkey and the apples at the table.

Oakley McConnell —

Thanksgiving cake

Strawberries. Frosting. Cake. Mix it all up, put it in the pan. Bake it for 10 minutes in the oven, if that is not enough bake it for 11 more minutes. Put the strawberries on top with strawberry frosting. Then put white puffs all around the top. Slice it in half and eat it.

Easton Salyards — turkey

Shoot the Turkey. Then cook it for 15 hours. Cool it down, then slice it up. Eat it at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

Jaymie Ham — turkey

Put some gloves on and then season the turkey all over. Put the turkey on the grill for 20 minutes. Let it cool off, then eat it with green beans.

Tracen Miller — tacos

You need: meat, cheese, rice, hard and soft shells and sour cream. Get some oil in a pan and heat it up on the stove. Put the shell in the oil until it bubbles. Pop the bubble then flip it. Next, cook the meat on the stove. Put the cooked meat, cheese, hot sauce and sour cream in the shell. Eat it!

Ava Capps — banana bread

We make this bread to share with everyone. You need: bananas, water, eggs, sugar, flour and powder. Take all that stuff and blend it. Put it in a rectangle pan and bake it. Put stuff on top of the bread. Put some chocolate chips on top. Who wouldn’t eat it with chocolate chips? Then, we give it away. You should try eating it with honey. It is good!

Phoenix Bowers — turkey

We go to grandma’s house and she makes the turkey. I have never watched her make it before. I think she cooks it in the oven for 10 hours. It is so good!

Izik Delaney – chicken wings

Get some wings and put them in the oven for one hour. Put some soy sauce on them. I think that is how you make chicken wings. They are really good. You should eat some.


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