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 By Gary Hodgson    Opinion    April 8, 2020 

Under the Wire

I must begin today’s “Under The Wire” with a first-ever warning. At the present time, no more than 50 people are allowed to view this column at a time. If several hundred of you are gathered...

 By Gary Hodgson    Opinion    April 1, 2020

Under the Wire

I should have noticed the pen of chickens. They were a dead give-away but I missed it. I thought I was so smart but ... I suppose I really should start at the beginning. Years ago I was a solicitor...

 By Gary Hodgson    Opinion    March 18, 2020

Under the Wire

A friend of mine runs a pretty fair sized company for our neck of the woods. The company is old, the friend is relatively young. The mix is interesting. There are good features to a company being...

 By Gary Hodgson    Opinion    March 11, 2020

Under the Wire

A few years ago the big news out of our capitol city was the opening of a new and totally unique furniture store. Must have been a slow news day. Actually, the media blitz lasted several days,...

 By Gary Hodgson    Opinion    March 4, 2020

Under the Wire

The West, she's a changin'. New faces, new houses, new ideas. Along with these changes come new roles for us "natives." As people unfamiliar with the area move in, we “old timers” find ourselves...


Under the Wire

Years ago, I, like most of the world, marveled at the sight of men first walking on the moon. It seemed to be the impossible now accomplished. The event showcased the technological advances our...


Under the Wire

It is no longer enough for a public building or sports stadium to have a simple name. Gone are the days of "Mile High Stadium," "The Meadowland" and "The Astrodome." Now we have places named after...


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