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 By Ken Frantz    Opinion    April 8, 2020 

Fearless Faith

Life was simple growing up in a small rural community. The highlights of carefree youth included explorations of most of the local businesses and their owners, knowing every person in town through a p...

 By Ken Frantz    Opinion    April 1, 2020

Fearless Faith

Most mornings a small parade takes place at our place. It consists of a string of cats, two dogs, and a 36-year-old mare who gives the eager impression of wanting to help with the morning chores. The...

 By Ken Frantz    Opinion    March 18, 2020

Fearless Faith

Frozen in place Frozen in place is one apt metaphor for where many of the world’s countries find themselves as the COVID-19 virus continues its journey through the human race. In disappointing,...

 By Ken Frantz    Opinion    March 11, 2020

Fearless Faith

Some recent studies conclude that nearly one third of all landfill material is waste food and related organic material. It is not something most of us usually consider when preparing meals, or even...

 By Ken Frantz    Opinion    March 4, 2020

Fearless Faith

Over centuries, Christendom has cast itself in many roles; protector of faith, guardian of the masses, religious surrogate, zealous recruiter. To say it has been completely above board in accomplishin...


Fearless Faith

It’s a mystery how far apart engineering and common sense can be. For years we have been perplexed by how many products for the household are designed with everything in mind except cleanability....


Fearless Faith

Finding just the right color It's hard to imagine, but there must be a legion of marketing prodigies somewhere that every few years bring us fresh renderings of names for the myriad shades of paint...


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