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 By RF Meyer    Opinion    February 16, 2022

Extension Spotlight

Feral rye, along with other annual grasses are troublesome pests for wheat producers. Rye, along with jointed goatgrass and cheat grass, cost Colorado Wheat producers’ money annually in terms of reduced yield and increased dockage. However, a...

 By RF Meyer    Opinion    February 2, 2022

Extension Spotlight

Wheat stem sawfly is a native insect that feeds on grasses in Colorado. The insect was first identified by entomologists in Colorado around the late 1800s and primarily fed on range grasses. However, wheat stem sawfly emerged as a Colorado wheat...

 By RF Meyer    Opinion    January 19, 2022

Extension Spotlight

Almost three million acres of Colorado farmland employs no-till strategies and this acreage is expected to continue to increase. No-till farming has continued to gain momentum in the state due to a number of positive factors associated with this...

 By RF Meyer    Opinion    August 18, 2021

Extension Column

Can I save wheat seed? Throughout the ages, farmers have planted seed saved from their previous wheat crop. When making seed wheat decisions, they selected the best quality seed from the highest yielding varieties. Choosing wheat varieties based on y...

 By RF Meyer    Local    April 21, 2021

Colorado State University 2021 wheat field days planned

There is nothing like seeing new wheat varieties growing in the field and attending a wheat variety tour in person. Colorado Wheat Field Days let farmers see new and traditional varieties side-by-side in our variety trial plots. Dr. Jerry Johnson, a...

 By RF Meyer    Opinion    September 16, 2020

Extension Spotlight

Virus infections can not only occur in people, but plants as well. However, people and plant viruses are not the same nor do they cross infect. In other words, viruses that infect plants will not infect people. Additionally, most virus diseases need...


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