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  • Extension Column

    Travis Taylor|May 31, 2023

    June 11 will bring additional changes to how antibiotics can be purchased by livestock producers. On this date the Food and Drug Administration Center for Veterinary Medicine (FDA-CVM) discontinued “Over The Counter” purchases of injectable livestock antibiotics from your local feed store, farm supply, CO-OP or any other entity without a veterinary prescription. The rule comes after a 2018 FDA-CVM study on antimicrobial stewardship in veterinary settings. The rule is for medically important antibiotics, those used from both human and ani...

  • Extension Spotlight

    Travis Taylor, Area Livestock Extension Agent|Aug 12, 2020

    With the national weather shifting from the El Nino to a La Nina pattern, over 80 percent of Colorado finds itself in some form of a drought situation. This triggered the State Drought Mitigation and Response Plan phase two to be activated. This also activated the Agricultural Impact Task Force which will conduct an initial assessment on physical and economic impacts and recommend mitigation opportunities. Cow/calf producers should have a thought out and well developed plan to deal with drought. A plan that ties to the economics and grazing...

  • Extension Spotlight

    Travis Taylor, Area Livestock Extension Agent|Mar 18, 2020

    You can always tell when the first of the year rolls around in the cattle business. This is the time of year when your mailbox fills with bull sale flyers, catalogs and every newspaper or cattle twice as heavy from advertisements. These ads feature calving ease bulls, bulls to improve your weaning weights, bulls with superior carcass traits, maternal bulls and the list goes on. We also can expect to see indices with expected progeny difference for every trait you can imagine. Buyers should be able to get a bull purchased, but there are some...