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Articles from the March 22, 2023 edition

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  • Haxtun's El Paso Mexican Restaurant to open soon

    Candie Fix, Managing Editor|Mar 22, 2023

    For years the red building at the corner of Colorado Avenue and Highway 6 served as a place for customers to enjoy breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner. If walls could talk, they would have stories to tell of farmers and ranchers from the area who sat to drink their morning coffee and enjoy in each other's conversation. It was a place to gather for work meetings, fellowship over coffee and for pre-game meals to talk strategy for many Bulldog sports teams. The walls of what was once the Barlo Ca...

  • Taking a different approach to Dementia care ­- The DAWN Method (Dementia Alzheimer's Wellbeing Network)

    Mar 22, 2023

    There is hope in Dementia, which relies on the kind of care we provide. Providing strength-based, person-centered care for dementia means looking at the whole person and working with what they can do rather than focusing on what dementia takes away. People with dementia are losing their rational thought but will never lose their intuitive view (being in the moment, appreciating beauty, music, etc.). If their companions and caregivers are taught how to support their strengths, there is less...

  • Water conservation program scheduled

    Linda Langelo, CSU Horticulture Specialist|Mar 22, 2023

    During these times of increased rates for our utilities, come and join us to learn more about watering and designing your landscape to utilize water more efficiently. The water conservation program will be held on April 8 in Yuma at the Orphanage from 10 a.m. to noon. If you cannot make that date, then come April 22 and join us at the WRAC from 10 a.m. to noon. Brunch is included at both program sessions. Have you heard about the seven principles of water wise gardening? Come learn about some of the simple changes you could incorporate into you...

  • Senator Lewis abandons agreement

    Marianne Goodland, Legislative reporter|Mar 22, 2023

    A bill to ban the slaughter of horses for human consumption, which hasn't been available in the United States since 2007, fell by the wayside in the State Senate this week when the bill's Democratic sponsor reneged on an agreement with Democrats on the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee. Senator Sonya Jaquez Lewis, of Longmont, agreed to an amendment on Senate Bill 38 when it was in committee, to rewrite the bill to change it from a ban on horse slaughter to put more...

  • Nutritious home cooking can be easy & inexpensive

    From NCHD|Mar 22, 2023

    Northeast Colorado has a significant population of people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity. These conditions reduce quality of life and life expectancy and increase health care costs. Our eating habits contribute to all of these things. Recently, we’ve all seen the rise in prices for all types of commodities, but unlike a new TV, you can’t really avoid buying food. During the latest Northeast Colorado Health Department Community Health Assessment, the single most-reported reason for not eating healthy food was cost. Cookin...

  • Under the Wire

    Gary Hodgson|Mar 22, 2023

    There is one irony of life that has frustrated and fascinated me as long as I can remember. We are all put on this earth with the same basic skills. We walk, talk, throw rocks, break things and fix things, to name but a few basics we all possess to some degree. This part I get. The part I find so interesting and confusing is this. Why are some able to perform one or more of these normal activities so much better than others? More important, when I have picked out one or two skills I really wante...

  • Fearless Faith

    Ken Frantz|Mar 22, 2023

    Finding the middle road can be tough. Getting up on it, and staying on it, can be tough. Sliding off due to a high crown in the road is not fun, and breaking down is never a highlight, especially when we are needing to be elsewhere (which is most of the time). Despite its challenges, the middle road, or middle ground, is an important locale to meet others. It is a place, a pathway, a route to somewhere or something that just might constitute a sacred encounter with the Divine if we are so...

  • Extension Spotlight

    Linda Langelo|Mar 22, 2023

    Did you know who coined the term "Nativar"? Allan Armitage, author of Armitage's Garden Perennials, horticulturist and professor at Georgia University coined the term "nativar" "to show customers that the industry was offering what they wanted: garden plants developed from documented native sources, known in the scientific community as genotypes" from What's in a Nativar? by Carol Becker. A nativar is a cultivated variety of a native plant that has some ecological value in the environment. Nativars can be a native plant that is a genetic...

  • Times Past

    Mar 22, 2023

    13 Years Ago March 16, 1938 Kenneth Lyle Alberts, 9-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. John Alberts of Paoli, passed away Saturday morning at his home. The little boy had suffered poor health during the greater part of his lifetime. Overcome by escaping fumes from a hot water heater, Dr. and Mrs. W.E. Mooney and son Kenneth, became violently ill at their home here Saturday evening. Those stricken were received by nurses at the Mooney hospital. The hot water heater used gasoline as fuel. Miss Iris...

  • Don Fix Memorial Scholarship due in April

    Mar 22, 2023

    The Don Fix Memorial Scholarship is available to the graduates of Holyoke and Haxtun High Schools. It is also available for eligible students already attending colleges or trade schools. The scholarship requirements are a 2.50 grade point average and in good standing with the school. It is renewable and will be paid directly to the school. Applications can be obtained by email at [email protected]. Applications should be completed and returned to the same email address. The deadline is April 15. Scholarship winners will be...

  • Haxtun Bulldog basketball players earn post-season honors

    Candie Fix, Managing Editor|Mar 22, 2023

    Four Haxtun athletes have been selected for All-Conference designations following the completion of 2022-23 Bulldog basketball seasons. Two members of the Bulldog basketball team, Maclin Tempel and Michael Gerk, and Lady Bulldog Cassidy Goddard were named All-Conference for efforts on their respective teams. A second Lady Bulldog, Bobbi Starkebaum, was recognized as All-Conference, Honorable Mention. Junior Cassidy Goddard, a starting post for the Lady Bulldogs, scored a total of 233 points this...

  • Twelve Wildcats earn All-Conference

    Spring Atchison, Office Manager|Mar 22, 2023

    The conclusion of the 2022-23 basketball season brought All-Conference honors for 12 Fleming Wildcat student-athletes. Seven members of the Lady Wildcat squad that finished the year at 16-9 after participating in the State basketball tournament two weeks ago earned All-Conference designations. Seniors Maddy Harms, Kally Kirkwood, Lexi Schaefer and Laney Schliesser along with junior MadiKay Serrato were selected for the honor. Freshmen Ashley Bornhoft and Ciana Lousberg were named All-Conference...

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