What can we reason but from what we know? -Alexander Pope

Times Past

85 Years Ago July 20, 1938

13 Years Ago

July 20, 1938

Collision of an automobile, and a truck at the intersection six miles south of Paoli resulted in the death Tuesday of James Adcock, and serious injury to Arch Josh. Mr. Josh's daughters, Florabelle, 9 and Virginia, 13, who were riding in the backseat, escaped with bruises and slight cuts. Mr. Adcock lived on a farm 18 miles south of Paoli. He was 65 years of age and a bachelor. Arch Josh died in Holyoke early Thursday morning from his injuries.

After purchasing the interest of Mrs. Opal Frazier in the Clark Chevrolet garage, O.K. Clark became the sole owner of the ga...


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